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Hi there, I’m Ella. I’m pleased you found my photographs intriguing enough to make you come take a closer look!

Hi there, I’m Ella. I’m pleased you found my photographs intriguing enough to make you come take a closer look! I am a sweet person, inside and out, and at age 27, I am one of the older Asian Vegas escorts found here at Allure. The photos on my profile speak for themselves! I work hard to keep my body looking fine, and when a man shows appreciation for my work, I am flattered, and it shows. I’m new to this fascinating adult entertainment industry, and since moving to Las Vegas Allure has allowed me to settle in quite nicely and meet awesome men from all over the world. This amazing city is best enjoyed with a partner, and I love learning the city with travelers, in addition to sharing my own favorite aspects to life in Sin City!

This job especially appeals to me because I have always loved sharing my sensual expression with others, and now I get to learn so much more about my own boundaries when meeting someone new. Turns out, I have few limits, and hearing new ideas is my idea of a great time! Casual fun in a controlled environment creates a place for us both to be honest about wants and desire, and there is nothing available to you in Vegas like a woman with an open mind and a large heart, and here I am! I am open, carefree and happy to be your date, no matter what is on the agenda. What do you have in mind? Does it involve gaining intimate knowledge of my body? You know what to do to have it all to yourself. I can’t call you…

Since moving to Las Vegas Allure has allowed me to spend time with my passion in life, which is art. I love creating, and have a flexible schedule with a fun job that lets me live a life where I can express myself at work and in my passion for artistic creations. What all this means for you is you are on the cusp of meeting a woman who is creative and vibrant in all aspects. I am never boring, and I love designing dates that make good use of both of our creative resources. Is there a fantasy you want to live out with a beautiful, resourceful Asian escort in Vegas? What can I do to make today something extra special? Why don’t you call 1-702-957-1919 to tell me what I can do to put a smile on your face?

There is little in this world as rewarding as a sensual experience with a woman who matches your desire. Imagine our foreheads dampening from exertion and energy between us. We will connect like there is nobody else in the world, then part ways to let reality set in again, left with fond memories. Saying I feel encounters are special for me too is not a line - I really enjoy meeting new friends who allow me to impress them and leave a lasting impression. We are less than an hour away from starting our journey if you make the call! I’ll slip into something very sexy, I promise!


  • Personal Details
    Name Ella
    Gender female
    Age 27
    Eye Color brown
    Hair Color brown
    Weight 110 lbs
    Height 5'5
    Measurements 36-24-36
  • More Details
    Available for Male Yes
    Available for Female Yes
    Available for Couples Yes
    Available for Bachelor Parties Yes
  • Contact Details
    Phone +1 (702) 957-1919
    Email [email protected]